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Luxemburg palace and Jardin du Luxembourg

Secret Paris Uncovered

For many, Paris conjures iconic images of Tour D’Eiffel and the Champs Elysee. The ‘City of Love’ has dozens of attractions which feature in every guidebook and tour.

Tourist attractions in Loire valley

The Loire valley has taken its name from the greatest river flowing in France and is known throughout the world for its wonderful tourist’s attractions. The Loire is more than a river; it is actually a rich and varied region stretching from The Atlantic coast to the very heart of the country. Val de Loire, […]

Paris Eiffel Tower

France, Not Just For Lovers

Traveling to France can the fulfillment of a life long dream for many tourists, but what’s a foreigner to do when they get there? The myriad of tourist attractions and cultural events can make narrowing down your options into your vacation time frame difficult.

Amiens Cathedral

Amiens: City with strong historical tradition

A city with a strong historical tradition, Amiens is one place in France where many tourists congregate, to experience its ancient cathedral. This is one of the reasons that Amiens is on the map.


Shopping In France

France has been described as the market of Europe and the names of the products speak for themselves – Chanel, Cartier, Yves Saint Laurent…Here’s a look at the shopping scene in Paris and Nice.

Antibes, French Riviera

Top Five Tourist Activities In France

When it comes to tourist destinations, France is among the top countries in the world, a position it has enjoyed for years, stretching back really into centuries. The combination of arts, history, natural beauty, and climate make France one of the most interesting places in the world. Add to that the country’s reputation as a […]

Must-See attractions in Paris

Must-See attractions in Paris

Paris is very popular throughout the world for its beauty and the multiplicity of its monuments. It is one of the most photographed places in the world. Some of the monuments of Paris are seen on movies, televisions, and magazines. Each time I see or read anything about Paris, I would always wonder what it […]